Guest Blogging, the essential technique to grow in SEO



If you do this scene or simply have a small blog to which you want to give visibility, this interests you. The guest blogging, is not new but is a fundamental concept for anyone who has a blog. You don’t know how to implement the strategy? We have you in the following article.

To understand this concept only need to translate the English, as its name indicates “guest” is invited. Already gives many tracks, but we do not entertain more started!

What is guest blogging?

The guest blogging is a good technique for link building applied in SEO strategies, as its name suggests exchanging content with guest authors. In other words, the guest blogging is publishing content on the blog of another author in order to win a link on another domain instead of doing the same thing in our blog.

This strategy, in addition to a link outside of the web, is a new way to promote our own personal brand. But, how we can find the appropriate domains so that the guest blogging strategy to succeed?

Is very important that the website talk inside of the same theme than ours. The contents are better to be in the language to our blog, so readers of both domains to understand them and we do not have problems of rebound and duration.

According to this, the guest blog must also be consistent with our editorial line . Find domains that are not penalized by the search engines. And finally, it is preferable to domains in which we link to have the highest possible authority.

The benefits of Guest Blogging

To exchange information with other authors will be a great contribution to our information. At the beginning it may cost a lot find a page with a high PageRank, but do guest blogging is more than ganar authority for our blog, although this is one of the main objectives.

For example by posting on other blog as authors, in addition to having an external link also we will improve our personal brand and reach new audiences and readers, is very important to take care of the content we write almost as much or more than the own content.

Another advantage of writing in other blogs is that we will increase our visibility on social networks and increase the social relations of other professionals and communities and therefore new possibilities for guest blogging.

It is very important to establish strategic collaborations with that position in market niches, to gradually introduce itself as an expert in the field and get thanks to the popularity of the guests. With work and perseverance you will get improve the linkbuilding, one more important within the SEO strategy.

How to make a good guest blogging strategy?

Now we know what the guest blogging and advantages is its application, but sometimes is hard to start, but don’t you worry that we tell you how put hands to work to search for blogs that conform to your strategy.

May we have already forward to put us to send messages right and left to blogs that we know, but before this is field work: is essential read the blog in which we want to participate . Well look at your items, form of writing, volume of words, quality, etc. It is fatal that we contact the authors knowing absolutely nothing of them.

We already know the blog, now looking for a interesting theme to offer the guest blogger. Because if you’re already with a designed theme you offer an image more professional and specialized on the subject, defines you as an author and provide work to the owner of the blog where you want to write. Do you have clear? Then get in touch with the authors, it is advisable to control of the even with a simple worksheet that includes data such as: name and address of the blog, the domain authority, performance area and responsible for data.

Once agreed to exchange with the author of another blog is the time to write a quality article. Study well the style and the theme, try to always make the article more than 1000 words so do not run the risk that Google considers it Spam. Needless to say that the content it can not be duplicated and that you can send anything you would not publish you in your own blog.

Avoid exaggerated self-promotion is preferable to placing only a link and enrich the text that abuse and be penalized by the search engine. It is important to establish a prior rules with employees like include “dofollow” links to have value for Google and avoid the “nofollow” links, which do not influence the ranking of the page.

Our article is already published now what we forget? No, cares about the blog. Share content, answer if you comment on social networks and responds to the comments on your article, which will see the quality of the professional from start to finish.

What about Google guest blogging?

The guest blogging has always been a highly respected practice, but the bad practices and the lack of quality has made the search engine of Google considers it a form of Spam If not performed properly.

As we have already stated in the articles quality it should prevail, not only worth a mere exchange of links, because but will be penalised by Penguin. How to avoid loss of quality? Eliminating duplicate content, by conscience and not by and for the creation of links so we will create a network of articles that add value within the Internet.



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